ISM 915MHz Industrial Heating


We provide amplifier modules and systems ranging from a few watts to Multi-KW systems for Industrial applications.

All our products can be customized to your specific needs.

  • Pallet amplifiers
  • Fully enclosed modules in machined housings for evaluation systems
  • Rack mount systems

All our amplifiers have peripheral circuitry that is constantly monitoring the operation of the amplifier and can be controlled through dedicated software (GUI) by the user.

Some of the features of the monitoring system, are:

  • Measurement of FW/ RFL Power (PEP, RMS)
  • Relative phase difference in between FW and RFL waves.
  • Instantaneous current consumption for each transistor
  • Module fault alarm
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Over Temp alarm
  • PAE calculation
  • Fail safe modes set by user
    (In evaluation environment the user can set specific levels of alarms. Each amplifier has built-in protection functions that always keep it in between the limits of its Safe Operating Area)



We develop excitation modules with a plethora of features that give to our Clients the freedom to experiment with different modes of operation and reduce to zero any kind of troubleshooting when operated with our amplifiers.

Deciding through a product matrix the frequency of operation bandwidth power level, we can support you on the selection of the exciter that will cover your needs.

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