Innovation, experience, quality, customer satisfaction. Key elements of success for a company that wants to lead in its business sector. But is it enough?

E-REON is a provider of solutions and services in a very demanding technological sector. And technology cannot flourish unless you are part of a greater technological ecosystem.

Being located in South Rotterdam, in the quiet and nice town of Rhoon, E-REON is in the center of Semiconductor Innovation of Europe. In a radius that extends to a 30mins driving distance from our facilities, TU Delft, European Patent Office, Innovation Centers, Production and Manufacturing supporting industry can easily be accessed.

The strategic area that E-REON is located safeguards the flawless supply of material that reduce dramatically the development/ prototyping phase of new products, as also the zero stock concept our production line follows, both elements of drastic cost reduction and time to market enhancers.

Our location is also allowing easy access to our International clients, as most International Airport hubs and major Intra-European highways are in the close vicinity of our facilities.

Please take the chance to arrange for a meeting with us. We will be more than happy to welcome you in our facilities introduce our team and guide you through our state of the art laboratories and production areas.

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