E-reon Team

“Our major asset is our Human Capital”

With more than 160 years of accumulated experience, our Engineering and PM Team is the forefront of E-REON’s success.
Having served in various segments of RF/Microwave Industry our Engineering Team is comprised by professional engineers with proven track record and core competences in:
  • RF/Microwave hardware development
  • Power supplies development
  • Antennas design
  • Custom Waveguide design
  • Digital Design
  • Embedded software/ firmware as also high level application software development
  • Mechanical design
  • 3D EM
  • CFD and thermal design
Our PM team also carries a long and significant experience in managing technical projects; Whether a small scale development of a customized module, or a large scale development of a Multi KW system for Industrial heating, our certified PMs managing resources and schedules efficiently, strictly following contractual obligations and milestones, minimizing proactively all potential risk factors and keeping Quality and Customer satisfaction to the high standards that E-REON follows.

It is our strong belief here at E-REON that RF/Microwave Industry is differentiated in comparison to other sectors of Electronics hardware development, because it requires a Culture in Engineering.

Our motivation is to enrich this Culture. We consider this as our strong point that differentiate us from the competition and as the key element of recognition from our Customers.

Please take the opportunity to arrange a visit at our premises. In a very friendly, highly professional environment our Team will be delighted to discuss your Application’s requirements and propose innovative solutions.

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